Right to Music 

Music has  been described as a “Language of the emotions” by Deryck Cooke in his book 'The Language of Music'. History has recorded Music as expressive of motion, tension, human characteristics, identity, beauty, religious faith, and social conditions. Music involves endless possibilities for human beings to express themselves. The main characteristic of Music is that it expresses and evokes Emotion.

Golden Lyre Music Foundation is formed with the fundamental objective of promoting Independent Music & Artists. For us,any form of Musical expression is an element of a Musical Creation.

Music Appreciation

Appreciating Music as a fundamental aspect of Creativity 

Right for Music Education

Grow Community Support when Money challenges Music Education for underprivileged

Art Engagements

Active Participation in diversified Art platforms by supporting Research , Performance , Educational Programs, Workshops , Lectures etc


Art is not restricted to Boundaries , Language ,Ethnicity. We collaborate with Artists worldwide